Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser Review

Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser Review

I purchased Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser about a month ago. After I had just finished another cleanser, and I was ready to try something new. I feel like when I stick with specific products for more extended periods, they stop being that effective. So every once in a while, I like to switch things up.

The Truth Juice Daily Cleanser is one of Ole Henriksen’s new products, and since I’ve been using their Banana Eye Cream for quite some time and I’m happy with it, I felt comfortable ordering something else by the same brand.

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The main reason I chose this product over others is that it’s supposed to remove dirt, oil, and even makeup from your skin. I rarely find products that remove all of my eye makeup, especially mascara, and I was curious to see if it does work. Nothing has worked as good as oils when it comes to removing eye makeup.

However, the Truth Juice Daily Cleanser did an excellent job at removing my foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and even eyeliner, which was pretty impressive. Although, when I do have more makeup around my eyes, I usually have to apply the cleanser a second time.

The cleanser can be used on all types of skin, and it’s very gentle. It doesn’t leave my skin tight and dry, which I have experienced with other cleansers. And the gel-like, creamy texture is so easy to apply on the skin.


+ One of the main ingredients is orange juice water, which gives it a pleasant citrusy smell. And that helps to revive and refresh the skin. I like some fragrance in my products, but if you don’t like that, this may not be the right product for you.

+Another main ingredient used in the Truth Juice Cleanser is PHA, which helps loosen and lift dead skin cells while improving the overall skin tone.

+ Lastly, there is orange, lemon, rosehip, and goji berry extracts that help condition the skin.


Overall, I’m impressed with the Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Cleanser, and I do plan to repurchase it. I like that it doesn’t strip my skin while still removes any dirt and makeup I have on my skin. And you don’t need a lot of product, which means it will last for a while.


Have you already tried Ole Henricksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser?  If so, what do you think of it? Let me know in a comment below!

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