10 Makeup Tips I’m Loving Right Now

Makeup Tips

I wanted to share some makeup tips that I’m absolutely loving right now. These are tips and tricks that I’ve found to be useful throughout the years, and I hope you find some use for them as well.

1. Visine to fix clumpy mascara
After some time mascaras tend to get dry and clumpy, not only in its bottle but on your lashes as well. Adding a few drops of Visine eye drops to your mascara will return some of the lost moisture to your product and will ensure your lashes keep that smooth, glossy look to them.

2. Makeup expires
If you have any makeup that has been sitting in your makeup bag for more than 18-24 months, it’s time to let it go. No matter how much you love it, it’s probably expired and not safe for you to continue using it.

3. Olive oil is a great makeup remover
If you’re out of makeup remover, you can always substitute it with Olive oil. When applied, it works just as great as any other remover, and it also has the benefits of being good for your skin.

4. Colored lip gloss has multiple uses
If you are in a hurry and you still want to apply something quick to look good. You can use a colored lip gloss on your cheeks and eyelids by lightly tapping in small amounts with your fingers. It will give you a fresh sun-kissed look that looks very natural.

5. Concealer on your eyelids will cause your eye makeup to crease
This also applies to a foundation on your eyelids. It’s best to use eye makeup primer instead.

6. The best way to apply eyeliner
Stay close to the mirror and look down while applying it. This will help you keep your eyeliner in a straight line.

7. Moisturize your lips with honey
Use honey as a lip balm, put it on your lips and keep it there for 5-10 minutes then rub it into your lips, as if it was a scrub and wash it off. Honey is amazing for exfoliating and moisturizing your lips.

8. Cover your eyelid with a white pencil liner
If you want to make your eye shadow pop, cover your eyelid with a white pencil before you apply your eye shadow. It’s a great makeup trick I recently learned, and I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it makes.

9. Matte lipsticks last longer
I’m really loving matte lipsticks right now because they don’t run even when you wear a bolder color. Bangkok – Soft Rose by NARS is my personal favorite right now.

10. Fuller lashes
Apply translucent powder as a base. You can also do one coat of mascara, translucent powder, and then a second coat of mascara.

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  1. You can also use coconut oil as makeup remover! I use it to take off my eyelash glue 🙂


    Posted 8.5.15 Reply
    • dessie wrote:

      True! I forgot to mention that. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Posted 8.6.15 Reply
  2. Danielle wrote:

    Thanks for these tips. I did not know many of them.


    Posted 8.7.15 Reply
    • dessie wrote:

      Thank you for commenting!! 🙂 xx

      Posted 9.23.15 Reply
  3. Thanks for sharing this! It’s very useful!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    Posted 8.8.15 Reply
    • dessie wrote:

      I’m glad you liked the post. xx

      Posted 9.23.15 Reply
  4. Kelly wrote:

    I really want to try the honey as a lip balm one! I’ve also found that mixing honey with green tea is great for a moisturising face mask!
    Kelly xx

    Posted 8.25.15 Reply
    • dessie wrote:

      I’ve never tried that, thank you for the suggestion 🙂

      Posted 9.23.15 Reply
  5. Lisa Favre wrote:

    Loving all of these tips! Especially the one about honey as a lip scrub.

    Stay fab,

    Posted 9.1.15 Reply
    • dessie wrote:

      You should try it, honey is amazing for your skin.

      Posted 9.23.15 Reply