Why I Have a No Shoe Policy at Home?

No Shoe Policy

It wasn’t until I came to the US when I realized that the scenes in the movies, where the characters come back from work, throw their bag on the floor and lay down on the bed with their shoes on, was a real thing. I was shocked! The no shoes in the house rule definitely didn’t seem to exist!

Growing up, shoes were never allowed in our house. If you’re getting ready to leave and you just put your shoes on but you forgot something, you had to take them off to go back inside. And the thing is, it was the same at my friends’ homes, so for me, that was normal.

You put on your shoes in the morning, go to work, walk with them, go to all kinds of places most of them not as clean as you’d think. Then with these same shoes, you come back home and walk around the house, while bringing all that bacteria inside your home. No thanks! Take your shoes off, please!

Think about it. How often do you wash your clothes? You wear them every day, so you probably wash them every day to every other day, depending on the clothes. Probably less when it comes to jackets. But do you wash your shoes as often? I’m guessing not. So imagine, how dirty your shoes really are.

And this is the reason why I have a no shoe policy in our home now. It’s how I was raised and it just makes sense to me this way. And most of our friends are used to it. They know that they need to take off their shoes when they come over.

Okay, but what can you do to make the process easier for your guests? I tried using slippers but if someone is wearing sandals, it is not ideal to ask them to put on someone else’s slippers on a barefoot. Then I found out about shoe covers.

Did you know that in Korea it is disrespectful to go inside a house with your shoes on? Can we make that a thing for all countries?


+ They are easy to put on and take off.

+ Shoe covers will prevent bringing all that bacteria you have on the bottom of your shoes inside the house.

+ Your floors will stay clean, which means you don’t have to vacuum and mop right after your guests leave.

You can get a whole bunch on Amazon and just keep them in a nice basket near the front door. This way it’s convenient for your guests to grab some when they’re entering the house. These ones are reusable so you can put them in the washer after each use.

Another thing to try is an automatic shoe cover dispenser, which makes everything even easier. I haven’t bought one yet but I’m considering it. It looks very efficient. You basically put your foot in the dispenser, which wraps your shoe in a shoe cover and that’s it.

Do you have a no shoes in the house policy in your home?

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