Designer Backpacks Gift Ideas

Designer Backpacks Gift Ideas

Backpacks are so comfortable and probably my most worn type of bag. As you may already know, I recently purchased a laptop backpack that I wear to work every day. It’s very comfortable and has plenty of pockets, which is a feature I never appreciated more than I do now. Then on the weekends, I pretty much move my wallet, car keys, and cosmetic pouch to my brown leather backpack, which is a bit smaller, but the leather makes it less sporty, and it allows me to dress it up or down, depending on what I’m doing during the day.

It seems that all I’ve been wearing these days are backpacks, but I also realize that if I’m going out to dinner or somewhere a bit dressier, I need something nicer and more elegant. But still a backpack! Mostly because of the comfort and the space it provides.

After a long research and browsing shop after shop, I was able to find some great options that can be worn with a dress for a night out or with a pair of leather pants, chunky boots, and a sweater for a more casual look.

These designer backpacks are also great gift ideas, and not surprisingly, I included a lot of black options. I think a black or brown backpack tends to be the most versatile, and it’s what I’d usually look for in a bag. I feel like, especially when buying designer, you’re looking at an investment and something that you want to go back to over and over.

This one is great as a casual option. It’s also pretty affordable. At the same time, this one is perfect for dressing up or down. I also like that this designer backpack works as a bag or a backpack, making it versatile.

Designer Backpacks Gift Ideas That Are Worth The Splurge

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