Dress Up Your Jeans With a Pair of Heels

dress up your jeans

How was your weekend? On Saturday, we went with friends to Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. I found out about it after researching online for family-friendly wineries. I wanted a place where the kids can play, and we can have a drink and chat with our friends. There was a small playground in the garden and tables all around for the adults. Also, there was shade, which is a huge plus, since it was so hot outside. The wines were light and bit sweeter than what I’d usually order, but I really enjoyed the almond wine. It was my first time trying an almond wine, and it was delicious. You can actually smell and taste the almonds. Highly recommend it.

Honestly, I find it very difficult to find family-friendly restaurants out here in California. When I say family-friendly, I don’t mean when they give your kid a piece of paper and crayons but actually have a little area for the little ones to play. So if you have any suggestions send them my way. I love bringing the kids with us everywhere we go, but it’s not always easy to do that.

We do something with the kids every weekend, but once a month we try to go on a date, just the two of us. Then I get to dress up a little. Maybe even wear heels.

This is the second time this year I’m wearing heels. Definitely not something I wear on a daily basis. But I do like to put them on once in a while, just so I don’t forget how to walk in them. Jokes aside. These block heels are super comfortable, so walking in them is a breeze.

Don’t you feel like the easiest way to dress up your jeans is with a pair of heels.

white ba White off the shoulder top and denim date night outfit idea White off the shoulder top Easy way to dress up your jeans with a pair of heels Date Night Outfit Idea


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