What Does Self Care Looks Like in 2021? New Resolutions and Routines

What does self care looks like in 2021 | Self Care Ideas by popular LA lifestyle blog, Tea Cups and Tulips: image of a grey planner, white pen, burning candle, and a smartphone with a black and white dot phone case.

Self care is a word that is being used quite a lot, and even more in the past year. It is supposed to improve your well-being and happiness, particularly if we’re going through stressful and challenging times. But what will self care ideas look like in 2021?

I find that self-care is subjective because it can mean one thing to me and a completely different something to you. And, not everything that works for one person will work for another. After all, we all deal with things differently.

However, one thing that helps me do a better job when it comes to caring about my well-being is to pick and choose. For example, when you read this post, you don’t necessarily have to do everything I’m suggesting. I’m sharing the things that work for me, and you can pick and choose a few things that will fit nicely into your lifestyle and make you feel better. 

The Basics

Focus more on doing and less on learning.

I’m so guilty of this myself. I tend to focus on gathering as much information as possible, and I forget to put all I’ve learned into action. I feel that my brain is addicted to being distracted by yet another thing I should know before taking action. 

Start small. 

I recently talked with my sister-in-law about starting small and focusing on one thing at a time. Whenever you try to implement or do many things at once, you can’t get a lot further with any of them. By focusing on one thing only, you can accomplish more. 

And while this is a great productivity hack, it also works well for self-care. If I try to implement a few self-care steps into my day, it will be overwhelming, and I probably won’t stick with any of them. However, let’s say I start with only one thing, for example, reading a book for 30 minutes every night. Once that becomes a habit for me, it will be a lot easier to introduce something else. 

What does self care looks like in 2021. New Resolutions and routines |What does self care looks like in 2021 | Self Care Ideas by popular LA lifestyle blog, Tea Cups and Tulips: image of a grey planner, white pen, burning candle, and a smartphone with a black and white dot phone case.



Okay, I only started doing that recently, but I already feel happier about my decision. I try to spend a lot less time on my phone, but most importantly, I set downtime from 10 pm to 7:30 am (10 am on the weekends). 

And yes, of course, I know the password, so I can turn off my downtime if I want to, but I found out that whenever I’m reaching for my phone after 10 pm is to check on Instagram stories or watch a few TikToks, and then I’m down the rabbit hole for at least an hour. So I’m becoming more aware when I pick up my phone and see my downtime on. It makes me question if I really need to use my phone.

Use a planner/notebook, not an app (whenever possible).

Since I can’t use my phone after 10 pm, I have my planner on my nightstand, so if I need to add something to my to-do list, I can easily do that. I use the Reminders app only if I’m out and about, and I try to transfer all tasks from the app back into my planner once I have it with me. I find that I’m a lot more productive this way.

  • Currently using this planner, which is simple and has everything I need.

Schedule workouts. 

Scheduling my workouts helps me with consistency, and if working out is not on my calendar, I will forget about it and not do it. And I do feel more relaxed, focused, and energized after a workout. So for me, it’s something that I need in my self care routine. 

  • I use the FitOn app to workout. You can use either the app or log in to the FitOn website from your desktop. They have a variety of exercises, but I usually end up doing a yoga or pilates workout. 


I didn’t understand the point of meditation until recently. I’ve tried it many times in the past few years, and it just didn’t work for me.

The main issue I was having was that I couldn’t control my thoughts, and I’d quickly give it up.

About a month ago, I was under some stress, and I was mindlessly scrolling through the App Store. When I saw a meditation app, I decided to try it out. So for a week, I tried out three meditations from the app, and I have to say that I felt recharged, content, and focused. So one of my resolutions for 2021 is to meditate more often. I’m starting with just once to twice a week, which is not a lot, but it will allow me to get into a habit. However, if I find more time, my meditation app is not part of my downtime, so I can do it whenever I need it.


Another resolution I have and something that is part of my 2021 self care routine is reading. Last year, I had high expectations for myself. I was hoping that I’ll be able to read 3-4 books a month. However, I quickly realized that work and the family take quite a lot of time, making it difficult to attend to everything. So this year, I’m not setting goals when it comes to reading. Instead, I will make sure that I read consistently. I am starting with 30 minutes every night before I go to sleep and adding more later on.

Skin and body care

Other things that make me feel good are finding time to do my skincare at night, dry brushing my skin before I go in the shower, using my ice roller to depuff my face. Simple routines like that, make all the difference for me.

What does self care looks like in 2021 for you? What are some of your favorite self care ideas? Let me know in a comment below!

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