Food Guide: Best Places To Eat & Drink in The Hague

The Hague Food Guide

Last month, Belle and I took a trip to The Hague, Netherlands. It’s been two years since we were last there and it was fun to go back for a weekend. We got to see our friends, eat cheese sticks, go to the beach, stop by Belle’s old school, and our old apartment. I wish we had time to rent bikes, but our trip ended up being a lot shorter than I thought it would be. So we are going to leave the bikes for the next time we go to the Netherlands when hopefully the whole family will travel together. Liam will be a little older, and he will be able to enjoy the trip as much as everyone else.

The Hague Food Guide

One of my favorite things in the Hague are all the cute little cafes and restaurants you can find. They are everywhere, but in today’s post, The Hague Food Guide, I’m going to share some of MY picks to grab breakfast, dinner, or cocktails in the city. Hopefully, The Hague Food Guide can serve you as a reference on your next trip there!

The Penthouse

Dinner with a view


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The Penthouse is Holland’s highest restaurant, located on the 42nd floor of The Hague Tower. While you can visit the restaurant during the day (they offer lunch, high tea or wine), I suggest you go there for dinner so you can really appreciate the beautiful view.

Cottontree by Dimitri

French Vibes in The Hague


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Cottontree by Dimitri is a contemporary restaurant in downtown The Hague. The food portions are small but absolutely delicious. You can order a 4, 6 or 8-course menu and everything is cooked with seasonal ingredients. The wine selection is also very good, you can order wine by the glass or bottle.

Walter Benedict

All Day Breakfast


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Walter Benedict serves breakfast all day long which is just one of the reasons to visit this place. I’ve been plenty of times and the food is always delicious. Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Try the Eggs Benedict or the Avocado Toast with an espresso or fresh mint tea. You’re welcome!

Bagels & Beans

for The Bagel Lover


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There are 5 Bagels & Beans locations in the Hague, so there is a good chance you will easily find one close to where you are. You can get a fresh bagel and cream cheese but I personally love the bagel sandwiches. Lots of good vegan options too.


The Cosmopolitan Place in The Hague


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This place is right in the middle of downtown. Beautiful interior. Sit outside and enjoy the rooftop view.

Grapes & Olives

Wines & Bites

Grapes & Olives offers a good assortment of wines and tasty bites. The menu is not extensive but if you love good meats and cheeses, you will be happy with the selection. On a sunny day, there is nothing better than sitting on the canal and enjoying a glass of cold rose.

Cocktailbar Vavoom Tiki room

for the Cocktail Enthusiast


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Cocktailbar Vavavoom Tiki room is located right across of Bleyenberg and offers a great selection of cocktails. It can get really busy in the evenings, especially Friday and Saturday, so plan accordingly.

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