10 Travel Websites You Need to Know About

10 Travel sites you need to know about

I always do quite a lot of research before planning a trip. I visit different travel websites, look for good deals, places to stay, things to do when I arrive at my destination. All of this can be time-consuming. I created this list of travel websites to serve you as a helpful guide when planning your next trip. These sites have saved me time and money so I hope they work for you too.


  1. Skyscanner

    This website was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so glad I found out about it. Skyscanner is a search engine that will compare flight, hotel prices, and you can customize your search by adding filters such as price or flight duration to help you find the best deal for the dates you’re looking at.

  2. Rome2Rio

    Rome2Rio is a fantastic website that lets you find how to get from where you are to your destination the cheapest way possible. It will provide you with information on things to do at your destination and place to stay. Rome2Rio will even estimate how much it will cost you to get to your destination, including going in a car, bus, or plane.

  3. Home Stay

    If you’re up for an adventure, Home Stay is the way to go. The concept is similar to Airbnb allowing you to stay at a local’s home. The difference being that with Home Stay, the host does not leave the residence and instead is part of the experience of traveling abroad. You get the chance to speak and see your hosts before your stay by talking with them first online.

  4. Black Tomato

    When you’re looking for a luxury experience, Black Tomato offers tailor-made travel around the world. The website lets you look for a vacation based on the experience you’re looking for such as a honeymoon, family travel or even safaris.

  5. Home Away

    Home Away is another great travel website to book vacation rentals, at first glance, it appears to be very similar to Airbnb, but Home Away gives you more options for vacation rentals. You simply put in your destination, desired dates and number of guests traveling with you and Home Away will provide a variety of homes you can stay in. There are lots of filters like picking the type of property you want, location type (you can choose to stay in a yacht, farmhouse or a castle), features such as a fireplace, pets considered or children-friendly. They also have a second version of the website that offers only luxury vacation rentals if you want to spoil yourself.

  6. 12Hrs

    This site is fantastic because it provides you with a detailed guide of what to do in a city when you have a limited amount of time. How to get the best out of your trip in 12 hours. The photography on this website is just one of the reasons you should be using it when planning your next vacation.

  7. Trover

    Trover is a travel inspiration site filled with gorgeous photos of different locations. Other travelers take all the images, and they have exact location including a map of where exactly that picture was taken.

  8. Secret Escapes

    Secret Escapes offers new limited-time travel deals every week, and each sale lasts up to 10 days on the site before it expires.

  9. Google flights

    Not sure if you know, but Google can also check flights with various airlines and find the lowest airfares. After you select your dates and airline, Google will re-direct you to the website so you can purchase your ticket.

  10. Momondo

    Momondo is a travel search website that offers affordable flights, hotels and rental cars options. It’s very similar to Kayak if you’ve used this one before. However, I’m always able to find better deals on Momondo.

  11. Skiplagged (bonus)

    Skipplagged is another great website for booking flights and hotels. How it works: Instead of booking a flight from point A to point B, you can find a cheaper alternative if you fly from point A to point C (less popular city) and then finally point B (your final destination).

  12. StudentUniverse (bonus)

    This website offers special pricing for students. You can look for flights, hotels, tours. You can even book a group travel trip.

What are your favorite travel websites when planning a trip?

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  1. These are great! We always try to get the best deals when we are travelling, and there are so many resources out there to help with that, but I don’t always know about them. I’m saving this for our next trip!


    Posted 12.29.15 Reply
    • Desimira wrote:

      I’m glad you like the post. These are some of my go to websites whenever I plan a trip. Sometimes I also use Expedia and they have great deals 🙂

      Posted 12.29.15 Reply
  2. Jenessa Sheffield wrote:

    great tips!


    Posted 12.30.15 Reply