Satiny Wide Leg Pants in Mustard Color

Mustard satiny wide leg pants

Okay, so I saw these satiny wide-leg pants a while back on Zoe’s Instagram. At first, I  wasn’t sure if this wide-leg fit is going to work for me. After all, I love my skinny pants.

A while ago when flare jeans came back in style, it took me such a long time until I ordered a pair. I wore them a lot, but I never bought another pair of flare jeans. For some reason, I feel very happy in skinny jeans, and they work better for my lifestyle.

However, these satiny wide-leg pants were cute, and the mustard color just grabs you. While I love my neutrals, I want to experiment a little more with color especially in the summer. There isn’t any better time, is it?

Since they are pretty loose and wide around the leg, I find that they look best with something a bit more fitted on top.

The pants are under $20, and I got them in size medium. I was debating between the medium and large but opted in for the medium. As I’m pretty tall, the large size is always better in length, but in this case, it was super long. Kind of too long even. On top of that, it was a bit wider than I wanted it to be around my waist.

I’ve worn these satiny wide-leg pants with my black slides and my gladiator sandals but I think they will look great with white lightweight sneakers.


My top is less than $10, and I got in a medium size as well. Honestly, I was worried it will be too short, but it’s not. It gives you the perfect length on the bottom. I kind of wished I got it in more colors.


Wide leg pants

Satiny wide leg pants in mustard color

Satiny wide leg trousers

Wide leg trousers and crop top

Summer outfit in white and mustard

Mustard Satiny Wide Leg Trousers


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