Nail Polish Colors You Just Have To Have

Fall Nail Polish Colors


classic red; creamy nudemoody gray; indigometallic

I love painting my nails at home, so today I wanted to share some of my favorite nail polish colors. These are basically all the shades that I wear throughout the year. My classic go-to colors.

During the fall and winter, I prefer darker colors such as black or indigo. However, I’ve been also been loving gray shades, metallics, and warm nudes. A nude shade seems to be in style any season of the year, don’t you think? It is so simplistic and chic definitely one of my absolute favorite nail polish colors. Also, I find the charcoal and moody gray, which is such a modern and sharp color to wear. Then let’s not forget the metallics which are perfect for any special occasion and especially the holiday season.

Last but not least, you can’t miss a vibrant, classic red nail polish, so I had to add that to the list as well.

What are your favorite nail polish colors to wear?



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