June 2020 Reading List: Top 3 Books to Read

June 2020 Reading List featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Tea Cups & Tulips
June 2020 Reading List

June 2020 reading list is here! This month I’m sharing one fiction book and two non-fiction books with you. Keep scrolling down for my recommendations!

Out of all three, I highly recommend the second book on this list. It’s not an easy book to read because there’s just so much information, and I realized I’d often read and then stop and think about it, kind of let the information really sink in, then I will continue—so many useful tips. So let’s get into it!

June 2020 Reading List

Ghosted by Rosie Walsch

Sarah and Eddie meet by chance. They connect instantly and spent seven incredible days together. After that, Sarah has to go back to LA, and Eddie leaves on vacation, but he promises to call from the airport. When he doesn’t call, Sarah starts worrying that something happened and she starts looking for him. Weeks go by, and all of her friends and family think that she should give up. But she doesn’t until she figures out the reason behind Eddie’s disappearance. I enjoyed reading this love story, which ended with a few fun twists. Although the search for Eddie seemed like it went on for too long, and it made me reconsider finishing the book. I guess you just don’t give up on the search for true love!

June 2020 Reading List featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Tea Cups & Tulips

Compelling People by John Neffinger

is a non-fiction book that is also required reading at Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School. It explains the difference between strength and warmth, and how people perceive you based on the way you look, talk, and even walk. We all know this one person that walks in a room and knows exactly what and how to say it. This is a person that projects the right amount of strength and warmth, so people are instantly attracted to him/her. If you’d like to know how to do that yourself, this book is a must.

The Gift of Forgiveness by Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

a book filled with inspiring stories of real people who experienced many difficult and hurtful events in their life but they were able to overcome them by forgiving. Something that seems so easy can have such an impact on your life. Learning to forgive and to let go of the negative feelings can be more powerful than you think. This is not a typical book that I would have picked, but I did enjoy the stories in the book.


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