Dainty Gold Necklaces and How to Layer Them

Dainty gold necklaces. How to layer necklaces. | Dainty Gold Necklaces and How to Layer Them by popular fashion blog, Tea Cups and Tulips: image of a woman wearing layered dainty gold necklaces.

I wasn’t a fan of gold until a few years ago. I’m not sure if it’s because I started seeing it everywhere or because it just grew on me, but right now, 90% of my jewelry pieces are gold. Dainty jewelry, specifically dainty gold necklaces, is the main style I prefer to wear. I feel like it’s elegant and beautiful, and anyone can pull it off. It’s also one of those styles that you can wear with any outfit, and for any occasion, which is convenient and one of the main reasons, I prefer it.  

What I mean, when I say that they work with any outfit and occasion, is that I can wear stacked dainty gold necklaces on my trip to the grocery store when I’m just wearing a casual outfit – leather jacket, jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. However, I can also wear them to dinner with a dress and boots. I feel like dainty jewelry is so versatile and easy to style.

And as a mom, I’m all about versatility. I want items that are easy to wear and serve more than one purpose. Not sure if you remember a few years ago when big statement necklaces were trending. I’m personally so relieved that they aren’t that popular anymore because there is no way I would go to pick up my kids from school in a big statement necklace and a pair of sneakers ha! I still like chunky pieces but in a more minimalistic style because that feels more like me.

Okay, let’s get into layering or stacking necklaces.

How to Layer Dainty Gold Necklaces:

+ Wearing necklaces at different lengths is a great way to prevent them from tangling up, and it also gives you that layered/stacked look that is very popular right now. However, one little trick to make a necklace longer than it is is to use a necklace extender.

+ A great way to make everything very cohesive is to stick with all silver or all gold necklaces.

+ Mix and match chains. I love this gold medallion chain because it’s very chunky and it will stand out on its own. At the same time, when layered with other daintier pieces, it will create the perfect contrast.

Okay, if layering is not your thing, you can also purchase multi-strand necklaces. Here are a few multi-layered options I like:

What are your thoughts on dainty gold necklaces?  Do you like to wear them? Let me know in a comment below!

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