Work From Home Office Essentials That Will Make Your Life Easier

Work from home office essentials | Work From Home Office essentials by popular LA lifestyle blog, Tea Cups and Tulips: image of a home office with a Mac laptop, white desk, blue light glasses, and black rolling chair.

Work from home is becoming the new norm. I have to say I’m surprised and excited to learn that so many companies nowadays are allowing their employees to work remotely in some capacity. As someone working from home for the past five years (and just recently switched to working in an office for half of my week), I know the advantages and disadvantages of working from the comfort of my own home.

Adding a few work from home office essentials to my home office area has made an enormous difference in my productivity and efficiency. That is why I wanted to share them here because I’m confident these work from home essentials will make YOUR life easier. And working from home a lot more enjoyable.


Ergonomic Chair:

So four years ago, I had to buy a new office chair, but I wanted something that looks good and comfortable. Not as easy as it sounds. When I went on Pinterest and searched for “home office ideas,” I got all these pictures of beautiful home offices, and the chairs looked like a piece of art. Then I ended up buying a chair that gave me lower back pain and was extremely uncomfortable. It looked great! It was picture-worthy, but that wasn’t an office chair. More of a “nice chair to look at”.

Unless your job requires you to sit at a desk for only 1-2 hours a day, don’t go for the “pretty chair.” The next chair I bought was ergonomic, and that changed everything for me.

An ergonomic chair supports your lower back and neck and allows you to adjust the chair for your needs and posture.

Speaking of ergonomic designs, I recently purchased this ergonomic mouse, which is so worth it. The design makes it very comfortable to use during the day, and it follows the natural curve of your hand.

Work From Home Essentials To Boost Your Productivity |Work from home office essentials | Work From Home Office essentials by popular LA lifestyle blog, Tea Cups and Tulips: image of a home office with a Mac laptop, white desk, white storage shelving with woven cube bins, blue light glasses, and black rolling chair.

Laptop Stand:

I’ve been working on a laptop for a few years now, and I realized that I tend to lean downward a lot. My screen was not at my eye level, so I looked down at it, which caused me neck and back pain.

A laptop stand will raise your screen to the eye lever, which prevents strains in your neck and back.

TIP: The difference between the 360 and the regular laptop stand is that the 360 has a rotating base. If you don’t need to rotate your laptop often, get the standard stand.

Lumbar Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow is a pillow that gives a bit more support to your lower back. The adjustable straps make it easy to fit on any chair. And if you spend a long time driving, you can even use it in your car.

If you don’t have an ergonomic chair or need a bit more back support, try a lumbar support pillow. It’s small, and you can quickly move it to a different chair. 

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

I spend a lot of time looking at screens all day, either my laptop or phone screen, which is not very healthy for my eyes.

I try to keep my blue-light blocking glasses on top of my desk. This way, I remember to put them on every time I sit on my desk.

Blue-light blocking glasses are supposed to stop the blue light coming from digital screens. They protect our eyes from glare and reduce the damage to the eyes’ retina caused by blue light.


I like keeping a notebook on my desk to write down random (or not so random) tasks that come to my mind. Once I write it down, I don’t need to think about it anymore until I have to do tasks.

What are some work from home office essentials that have made your life easier? Or have helped you with productivity?


What are some of your favorite work from home office essentials? Let me know in a comment below!

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