Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Cocktail Lover

Valentine's day gift ideas for the cocktail lover | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas by popular LA lifestyle blog, Teacups and Tulips: Pinterest image of a red cocktail drink.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and I’m including some fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the cocktail lover in your life.

Restaurants are still closed for business, which means that going out for dinner is out of the question. We’ll be cooking at home, maybe watch a movie, play board games, and sip on cocktails. What else is left to do, right? It is what it is. We can just hope that next year things will be a lot better.

Since cocktails are definitely in our Valentine’s day plans for this year, I’m sharing a few necessities for the ideal cocktail evening.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Cocktail Lover

Cocktail Codex book

This book is such a good gift for anyone that enjoys a drink or two. It divides all cocktails into six categories, and it teaches you the science of mixology with easy to remember concepts. The Cocktail Codex also makes for a great coffee table book.

Stainless Steel Mini Cocktail Shaker

The primary purpose of a cocktail shaker is to blend all the ingredients together well. According to bartenders, you can never get the same smooth taste if you stir your drink. Apparently, also it’s great for making martinis.

Ridged Martini Glass

This list would not be complete without a retro-looking ridged martini glass. I love the design and the short base of the glass.

Indoor Smart Garden

I’ve always thought the best cocktails are those that have fresh herbs in them. A little hint of rosemary, basil, or mint in a cocktail (or even a glass of water) makes such a big difference. That’s why this smart indoor garden is such a good gift idea for anyone.

Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

The bourbon cocktail cherries taste a bit sweet and tart—the perfect addition to your Old-Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

Mimosa Sugar Cubes

These sugar cubes are another fun gift idea. You can pick between the Peaches & Berries trio, which comes with six strawberry, six peach, and six raspberry sugar cubes. Another option is the Citrus trio, which includes six arcadia orange, six grapefruit, and six lemon sugar cubes. You drop a cube or two into your glass of champagne to turn it into a mimosa.

Marble Cocktail Picks

Reusable cocktail picks with marble stone balls that look so much more luxurious than any wooden option.

Hatch Rocks Glass

The sophisticated look of this rocks glass makes it a great gift idea for any cocktail lover. Perfect for serving negroni, white Russian, or an old fashioned.

Mid Century Modern Bar Cart

A bar cart has been on my wishlist for quite some time. Unfortunately, with Liam throwing his toys around the house and running everywhere, it will quickly turn into dangerous home decor. For everyone else that doesn’t have that issue, this mid-century modern bar cart is such an excellent gift to give to yourself or your significant other. The simple and elegant design will fit any space.


If you enjoy a frozen margarita, a blender is a must. I’ve had the Nutribulet for over three years, and I’m quite happy with it. I wish it were a bit bigger because I use mine mostly for smoothies, which I would make for everyone at home. If you’re looking for a bigger option, this blender is a good option.

Cocktails Tool Set

This toolset will look great on top of a bar cart. It includes two jigger cups, a spoon, bottle opener, strainer, and a holder to keep everything organized. It’s also available in two different finishes – blackened bronze and gold.

Cocktail Syrups Set

The set comes with three cocktail syrups – rich simple syrup, tonic syrup, and grenadine syrup. The true rich simple syrup makes a total of 32 old fashioned cocktails, while the tonic makes eight gin & tonics, and the grenadine syrup makes eight tequila sunrises.

Bamboo Salt Rimmer

This salt rimmer is small and doesn’t take a lot of space. The inside diameter is around 4.5 in, so it doesn’t work for large margarita glasses. I like it because it comes with a lid, so once you add salt to the rim of the glass, you can put it on the cover and save the salt in it for next time.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Let me know in a comment below!

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