Indoor Activities To Do While Stuck At Home

Indoor Activities To Do While Stuck At Home
Indoor Activities To Do While Stuck At Home

Since we’re so many people at home right now, I find it’s a little hard to go through the day without having some type of routine or schedule do the things. Here’s what workes for us:

7:30 – Wake up

8:00- – Breakfast

8:30-9:30 – Playtime (during this time Liam usually plays by himself with his toys, while Belle Is doing math books and reading)

9:30 – Snacktime

10:00-11:00 – Arts& Crafts (lately Liam has been into drawing with paint, while Belle draws on her iPad using an app called Procreate)

11:00-11:30 – Learning Time

11:30 – Lunchtime

1:00 – Naptime

2:30 – Snack

3:00-4:30 – Outside Play (either in the backyard or we take a walk)

4:30-5:30 – Screen time

6:00 – Dinner time

8:00 Bathtime

8:30 Bedtime

We try to stick to this schedule, but every day Is different. Some days the kids get more screen time than others, and I’m okay with it. We do the best that we can.

Here are some indoor activities and ideas to do while you’re stuck at home and practicing social distancing.

Indoor Activities for Kids

{ keep them active }

+ GoNoodle is such a fun and great app to get your kids moving, especially right now, when most of us are staying at home. It has fun dances that your kids can do, or you can do it together.

+ Commonsense media has a great list of movement apps and free educational apps to try while you’re stuck at home.

+ Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel with so many fun yoga videos for kids. They’re so fun and a great way to get some movement during the day.

+ Go for a walk.

{ learning links + books }

+ Epic – it’s an app and a website for books, audiobooks, and educational videos. It’s basically Netflix for books. I used to have it for Belle and just restarted the subscription for Liam. He loves it because the more books that you read, the more stickers you get, and their book library is pretty extensive.

+ Audible is offering free audiobooks for kids on select stories in six different languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese. The service will be available for as long as schools are closed.

+ Scholastic has a learn at home program with learning ideas for each day.

{ arts + crafts & more indoor activities }

+ Do a puzzle. Liam likes this dinosaur puzzle.

+ Cook together.

+ Have a colorful bubble bath, use a few drops of food coloring to turn the water different colors.

+ Videochat with family members. Facebook now allows you to video chat and play games with the person you’re talking to. Since Gio is still in Greece, we do this quite often. Liam loves playing a donut game on the Messenger app.

+ KiwiCo Crate Box is a subscription box that is delivered monthly and offers kids educational projects, crafts, and activities for different ages.

+ Start an indoor garden.

+ Mary Poppins has a good list of screen-free STEM activities that you can do with your kids.

+ Play hide and seek.

+ Make paper airplanes.

+ Facetime or Skype with family or friends.

+ Make playdough.

+ Have a dance party.

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What are your favorite indoor activities for kids?  Let me know in a comment below!

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