4 Books To Add To Your Reading List

4 Books To Add To Your Reading List

I’ve always been an avid reader but to be honest, I used to read more than I do now. I also used to keep a reading list, and whenever I see a book, I like I will add it to the list. Just an easy way to keep track of things and never run out of ideas that I want to read next.

And the best way to escape from reality and unwind is to curl up on the couch, with a cup of fresh mint tea (or a glass of wine), a soft blanket and a good book. Preferably when Liam is asleep, so I can focus on the story.

I go through phases.

There are times when I’m all about reading non-fiction books, especially business/marketing books. Reading them has helped me learn so much, and it is something I have always been very passionate.

However, I also have lots of fiction books on my reading list. When it comes to fiction, I’m all about a good mystery, suspense, or crime type of book. Oh and let’s not forget romance. There is nothing better than a good romantic story.

For the past month, I’ve been in the car for quite some time, and I got a bit tired of listening to podcasts, so here and there I like to listen to a good audiobook. It distracts me from looking at the arrival time every 5 minutes, and it keeps me entertained. I highly recommend audiobooks if you don’t have the time actually to sit down and read.


The Girl Before

I finished the audiobook of The Girl Before last week, and it is such a captivating story. If you liked Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, I think you will love this mystery. The story goes back and forward between the past and the present. It’s about two women who rent the same house one after another. Unexpected ending and lots of twists and turns! Really enjoyed listening to this book!

Behind Closed Doors

The story of Jack and Grace, which seem like the perfect couple. However, we all know nothing is as perfect as it looks. This book is such a good mystery. I couldn’t put it down.

Her Every Fear

You know early on who the bad guy is but you still want to know what happens at the end. Her Every Fear is the story of Kate, who swaps apartments with her cousin in Boston. A couple of days after she moves to his apartment, one of the neighbors is found murdered. Who is the killer?

Me Before You

I finished this book a long time ago, and I’m currently reading the second one from the series. It’s such a great love story between two people. If you haven’t seen the movie, read the book first. It’s so much better!


These are some of the books from my reading list that I loved reading. They are not new books, and you may have already read some of them but if you haven’t you should check them out and let me know what you think.

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