Iced Tea Maker & What Liam Got For His Second Birthday

Iced Tea Maker & Second Birthday Gift Ideas

As I’ve mentioned before I want to make these mixed types of posts a regular thing. If you’ve missed the first one, click here. Today I’m sharing some of the things Liam got for his second birthday, an iced tea maker we use on a daily basis and a few other things I’m currently into.


I feel like everyone needs an iced tea maker, especially now when the weather is warming up. I will usually make some jasmine green tea, and keep it in the fridge. It’s just nice to have something else besides water, which is what we usually drink throughout the day. I make around 1-2 pitchers a week, and I don’t add any sweeteners. However, make yours as you would like it. It takes only 5 minutes and you have iced tea in the fridge for a couple of days. The size I got for this iced tea maker is 2 quarts, if that is too big for you, you should try the 1 quart.

HOW TO USE: I will add 6 to 8 tea bags of any loose tea or tea bags in the infuser. Then I fill the ice tea maker halfway with water and brew the tea. After that, I remove the infuser, add some ice, put the lid on and shake well. Then it’s ready to be served. I like mine with a couple of lemon slices, it just adds a nice citrusy flavor to the tea.


Liam turned two years old two weeks ago. I feel like he grew up so much in the past two months. He’s been talking more, showing his personality, and letting us know what he wants. It just makes everything a lot easier for everyone.

One of his biggest obsessions are dinosaurs, so for his birthday, I got him this dinosaurs puzzle. He loves the process but he still needs help putting it all together.

Some other things he’s really into are trains and construction machines. So I ordered him his first train set, which he has so much fun playing with. And this book, which we’ve been reading every night ever since he got it.

Belle wanted to get him a gift herself, and since Liam has been watching Super Wings quite a lot, she got him these Super Wings toy set. The toys are small which makes it easy for Liam to carry them around with him everywhere he goes.


This cuticle exfoliator works really well. I used a few different brands before but I wasn’t quite happy with the results. What I needed was an exfoliator that softens my cuticles, so I don’t have to spend a long time trying to scrape them away. After I apply the exfoliator, I would usually wait about 2 minutes and then I’d gently push my cuticles away.


One of my biggest concerns when it comes to my skin is pigmentation and achieving an even skin tone. Well, I’ve tried a lot of different products but I always come back to this one. It’s just a good product. I use it only in the evening, after cleansing and before moisturizing.


This dress is so simple, yet so pretty. I love the adjustable shoulder straps because you can regulate the fit of the dress depending on your body. The tan color will look great in combination with any other color. Also, summer is coming and linen is a great material to wear during the summer since it is light, breathable and it keeps you cool.

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